May 2008 we were in an awful accident.  The van began to fishtail.  While it wasn’t too dramatic a fish tail in the beginning, when I hit a curve in the road it became unmanageable and we went off the road, hit a tree, and the van rolled!  We landed upside down, with the front passenger roof smashed in terribly.  Thankfully no one was sitting in that seat!  Three months earlier we had purchased new Britax Regent seats which hold children in a harness until they are 80 lbs.  We did so because we felt strongly that God wanted us to protect our children to the best of our ability, even though the seats were expensive.  I do believe that God used those seats to save our 5 YO and 4 YOs lives, who would have been in a regular seatbelt otherwise.  They could have been hung or they could have slipped out and become seriously injured inside the vehicle or thrown through the window!  Instead, the children were firmly and snugly in place in their seats, and no one was injured.

A nice group of non English speaking people pulled us through a back window and helped us until emergency help arrived.  Besides protecting us, the Lord provided generously through our insurance company.  They paid for our exsisting loan as well as the amount we had paid for the van, allowing us to purchase a 2 year old newer 15 passenger van (our previous was only 12) with more safety features such as Stabilitrac, which would have preventing the fishtailing and rollover in the first place!  The rear seat is split so half can be removed for more cargo room.  There are other features in this van that has also been a tremendous help vs the Ford.  Insurance also paid for a new BETTER infrared back up camera and 6 new Britax carseats.  Britax had just come out with a new seat that month so we got the Frontiere which goes to 80 pounds with the harness like the Regent but has belt positioning for up to 100 pounds!  God is so good, His mercy endureth forever!