Peace I leave thee, peace I give unto thee

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It is so hard making small choices sometimes.  Do I buy that dress?  A new pair of shoes?  Chicken or beef or tofu?  Big decisions about much more important options can be almost impossible, sometimes, especially when you are leaning in a direction that those around you may disagree with.

Perfect love drives out fear, and  if you seek His face He will give you peace about the path He wants you to take.  Sometimes, there is a God given healthy concern about an issue, but even in those times when there is a Godly urgency about something, there will be a level of peace there with you, you should never be overtaken with fear.

For instance, it’s only when I’m being selfish that I feel panic/fear over the idea of getting pregnant this month.  When I’m wanting to be on the computer or read or do something else that my children are taking me away from and requiring extra attention from me then I really want to give, that’s when I start thinking I’m crazy for wanting more children or the ‘burden’ of pregnancy woes and surgical delivery.  But when I have faith and trust in my Maker, I have joy in looking forward to another.

This is a good pattern to live your life by- notice why you feel fear and if it’s because you are not being Christ-like, then you need to look inward for a heartchange and reach further inward and ask our Helper to change it.  Jesus knew that fear and sinful selfish desires would rule the hearts of His followers, that’s why He told them before He left Earth that He would send a Helper, the Holy Spirit.  And as we change we find ourselves reaching outward towards others in Christ’s love.  When our hands are open to give and to receive we can’t make fists to fight or to hold onto our fear and selfishness.  This is something that I have really been learning a lot about these last couple of years of trials.

So as I am in the midst of the cancer pit and the chemo horrors and the pregnancy losses, do I have fear, or faith? I find that I have faith and peace. But it’s not easy, even with faith. I am not appreciating this time of my life. I don’t embrace it with the kind of joy that some say we should have while facing trials. I just want it to be over. But…there is still peace and faith.  Well, most of the time!  Admittedly there are times that I take my eyes off Jesus and begin to sink into the raging sea.

What about you? What has God taught you about faith, fear, peace and doubt? When have you felt the most peace and how has God used fear to bring about good things in your life? I’m willing to bet that true fear has never brought about good things.

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