The Circle

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I have been reading a series of books over the last couple of years.  It’s now totaled to 15 books, but they are grouped in smaller series divisions.  Here’s a ‘trailor’ for ‘Book Zero” Green , it somewhat describes the other books as well.  I wouldn’t read Green first, though.  Read the Circle Trilogy Black, Red, White (I think that’s the order, there is one big book that has all three together.) The end of Green is the beginning of the trilogy, that is true, but it would be confusing and give too much away if you read Green first.  You can likely get them from the library, too (I did, although I had to get some of them from other libraries but they send them to your chosen library.)

Basically it’s a fantasy series kind of like LOTR and C of N.  Thomas Hunter wakes up in a beautiful world where the animals speak and the people follow the Great Romance as they woo each other and swim in Elyon’s waters at the Gathering, celebrating life and love in Elyon.  They are friends of the Roush, fluffy white bat like creatures who are as cuddly as they are noble and courageous.  The humans’ leader, Tanis, is deceived by the Shataiki- the black and evil counterparts to the Roush.  Their world falls into Black as the Shataiki are released from the Dark Forest to ravage the Colored Forests.  Tanis and those who follow him now worship Telah, the ruler of the Shataiki, instead of Elyon. Their flesh is eaten by the Disease making them Scabs, creating a new race called the Horde who make it their mission to destroy all those who love Elyon and bathe in the lakes to fight the disease which tries to overtake their flesh as well.

Meanwhile Present Earth is under threat of the Raison Strain, a virus that began as a vaccine and mutated into something that was sure to destroy all human kind.  Thomas Hunter races the clock as he tries to save both worlds, jumping back and forth between them each time he goes to sleep.

As I said there’s also The Lost Books  and the Paradise Novels.   The Lost Books are about the characters in the future Earth and the Paradise novels are about the characters in the present Earth and how they affected Future Earth. Definitely read the Circle Trilogy first.

When I read Ted Dekker’s books in this series I feel like a hole opens up and I drop into this other world.  The characters are so rich and as realistic as one can get in a fantasy realm.

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