holding on to Jesus

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Paul is having surgery Thursday and he’ll be there a week or longer. The surgeon said that there’s too high a risk that there is cancer. He said that if we waited any longer it would have DEFINITELY turned into cancer but there’s a good chance that some of it already is, even though the biopsy came back negative. So, he’s removing a foot (at least) of his colon.

I did a google search for fever (one of his ongoing symptoms) and cancer and found that a tumor in a cancer patient can cause a fever. So hopefully this will take care of that symptom. He’s in a lot of pain right now, but we think that most of that is his hernia, which also needs to be repaired. He has a bone in the area of the cancer, though, that has a lot of pain so I can’t help but wonder if he has cancer in that bone.

I can say “God’s will be done” all day long, but the fact is that we will miss him terribly while he’s gone and it would be totally devastating to us if he doesn’t make it. The thought of loosing my husband so soon after loosing my son….

Well, I’ve had a hard time accomplishing much. I’m so tired. I grieved the two days that I waited for the results of the biopsy.

Holding on to Jesus

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