No more diapers!

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I have a friend who has her third baby and the children are around 4, 2, 4 months. She practices Elimination Communication. Yes, the 4 MO uses the potty! I found that the tiny Baby Bjorn potty is best for the little ones and as they get too big, the larger Baby Bjorn is my absolute favorite potty. When they are big enough to get on the regular adult potty on their own we have a smaller seat attached to a full size seat

My oldest potty trained at age 4. My next at age 5. Third at age 4. This was expensive and potty training for so many years was stressful for all of us. So when my fourth was born I DID NOT want this to happen and I decided that my others may have potty trained sooner if I didn’t wait until age 2 to introduce the potty. My little one was taken to the bathroom anytime I had an older child go sit on the potty. I bought the Baby Bjorn potties and kept one in the van and one in the kitchen. It was very soon that my baby (not yet a year old) was ASKING to sit on the potty. Yay! I put a box of books next to the potty. When she started walking she would go sit on the potty and read many times a day. She never DID anything in the potty, but she was sitting happily. At age 2 she started eliminating a couple times a week and I was happy to see progress. About two weeks ago (age 2 1/2) she said no more diapers and I let her run around with a bare bottom and a dress….and she used the potty exclusively! She is now fully potty trained (dry at night and nap times) without ANY EFFORT on my part. No bribing, spanking, fussing, ext. It was so easy, she potty trained herself. Now, it could be that she was just more apt to potty training but given that my approach to training this time around was so different, I tend to believe that it was introducing the potty in infancy that made all the difference. I don’t think I could have managed true EC while trying to potty train three to four children at the same time, but if God blesses us with another I may start out EC.

BTW, I spent $5,000 on disposable diapers before I refused to use them anylonger and went to cloth diapers. I did not find that cloth helped in potty training (naked bottoms did, though) but it was so much cheaper! I like,, for diapers. Here’s some books on EC (there are many websites as well.)

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