What people Say

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“Well, it’s not so bad you lost your son, you have trouble taking care of the 4 you have.”

“Oh well, at least you have 4 others, you should just be grateful for what you have” ( as though I’m NOT grateful? WHAT?!?)

“I’m sure you’ll have lots more.” Well, actually, my dr doesn’t think I will be able to get pregnant again, and if I do that baby has a good chance of being miscarried or stillborn. And there’s NOTHING they can do for me to reduce those odds.

Upon seeing his photo in my photo tote bag “You know, you can’t put him at the level as your other children. He’s not really part of your family.” that was my MOM.

“I know people keep saying he’s beautiful but not really, not like your other kids.” that was also my mom.

“At least you didn’t get attached to him before he died.” Ok, I have a few choice words for that one which I will keep in my head.

“I know just how you feel, I miscarried.” I have had several miscarriages and it is NOTHING like loosing a full term baby (or even a 20 weeker, which is still pretty far along.) Loosing a baby at 40 weeks, when you know that baby so well and have all their things washed and ready and your hospital bag packed…and then you hold that baby in your arms, eyes closed, mouth open, and no beating heart or rising chest…a miscarriage cannot be compared to that. Nothing can be compared to that.

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