Missing Benjamin

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The day before our scheduled cesarean our son, first grandson after 7 girls, was born still. I remember the ultrasound- the tech had a blank expression. I asked if he was alive, no reply. Is he ok, what’s wrong? You’d have to talk to the dr. I actually went into the c-section still not knowing if my baby was going to be ok. But he was still, and he had been moving frantically before (the reason I went to the hospital, that and a heartbeat deceleration.)

I woke from general anesthesia, and my husband handed me our son. He was so beautiful. A little prince. And not breathing.

I miss him.

My birthday will be on the sixth month anniversary of his death. I don’t think I will be doing much celebrating.

The Girl Who Doesn’t Age

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Brooke Greenberg is the size of an infant, with the mental capacity of a toddler. She turned 16 in January.

Scientists are fascinated by Brooke’s case. Although there are other children who fail to grow or develop in some way, Brooke’s case may be unique.
Brooke hasn’t aged in the conventional sense — her body is not developing as a coordinated unit, but as independent parts that are out of sync. She has never been diagnosed with any known genetic syndrome or chromosomal abnormality that would help explain why.

Also remarkable is Brooke’s uncanny ability to suddenly recover completely from life-threatening illnesses including a brain seizure, a stroke, and a brain tumor, with no damage left behind whatsoever.

The “real Age” website by DR OZ has some great information on how to stay young. To me, it’s not a matter of living to be 120. Instead, it’s about the quality of life while I’m here. My Dad has lived with cancer since I was a child. Because of his excellent health, only now has his quality of life been impaired (he has to walk with a walker and is feeling some pain. He also had back surgery because the tumor on his spinal column pushed his ribs and spine out of whack.) He could have had the traditional treatments when he was diagnosed 20 years ago, but he chose not to and I think thus far he’s very happy with his decision.

The argument has been made that if we DID have people live longer, there wouldn’t be enough space and resources. To that I say if you reject the evidence that there ARE enough resources and space, then what’s the point in arguing about it? People aren’t starving because there isn’t enough food, people are starving because of corrupt governments. It’s easier to control people when they are starving and living in poverty. The US gives so much food away, that sits and rots because their governments won’t let them have it. And in our own country there is more wasted food then we could possibly imagine. I’m not talking about children who don’t eat their veggies, either. I’m talking about restaurants and grocery stores who throw it all away because it doesn’t sell.

There is no possible way that the world’s population would outgrow the space provided. People would just need to spread out more (there are many cities that are way overcrowded.) However, I do not see wisdom in having people live to be 150+ years (even if possible.)

Instead of seeking the secret to retarding age, drs should be more focused on having healthy people in general! Keeping wrinkles and cellulite away is a bigger industry in general then having healthy hearts and bodies, though. People would rather get injections of botox then eat a healthy skin diet!

Be happy and healthy,

He who began a good work in you

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Breathing and blessing

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Things are getting better. When you take a breath, you take in life, for without breath there is no life. Life is a gift. God is to be blessed for all His marvelous gifts, even when we don’t see a trial as a gift.

For most people, the death of a child causes such a strain that they divorce within a year. I don’t see that as happening with us. Our relationship is stronger then it has ever been. I feel that trials have worked much meekness in me, and I’m sure that helps! I’ve been enjoying Nancy Leigh Demoss’s series on Meekness. I find it so encouraging and hope that women really take the series to heart. Although, as she pointed out, you can’t become meek by will power! Meekness is, well, a gift worked out in you as you are buffed in the rock tumbler. Gems only become gems after a great deal of buffing!

So I inhale and exhale and bless God for my life, and the life of my son. No, he is not living here with me, but he does have life, and as the Scriptures say, life more abundantly! Praise God for His mercy and grace!