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Medicaid no longer wants to pay for birthcenters! While I am not on Medicaid nor can I use a birth center, this is an important issue facing many women! Read other messages like mine or sign the petition.

I had preterm labor with my first child and although it was stopped, they did so many unnecessary interventions which caused the early delivery of my child four weeks later via c-section. If I was under the care of midwives in a birthing center things wouldn’t have happened the way they did. My water would not have been broken by a dr at 30 weeks, I would not have had a surgical delivery, and my baby would not have spent 2 weeks in the NICU. Not only did this have lasting affects (and prevent me from having a birth center delivery in the future because of my now scarred uterus) but it cost the state a whole lot more then it should have! Please reconsider keeping birth centers on the provider list- they provide better births, lower c-section rates, and will save the state money. In fact, in low risk pregnancies I feel it should be required that all medicaid patients see a midwife, as they do in the UK.

Sarah Trost