33 1/2 weeks and counting

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My first was delivered (via dumb doctors and lots of unneccesary interventions) at only 32 weeks, an ’emergency’ c-section.  My second was born at 34 weeks (I was in preterm labor, dilated almost to an 8, over 80% effaced…but breech so they did another c-section.) My third was born at 36 weeks, scheduled c-section because of early dilation and at 37 weeks (I was dilated only to a 1.)

I also had preterm labor at 26-28 weeks with the first three so I always get a little nervous around this time.  I’m taking Crinone, a natural progesterone cream, like I did with my fourth.  So far, so good!  I didn’t start having regular contractions until I was 36 weeks with her.  If I can make it to AT LEAST 36 weeks then I can proceed with the home birth.

Which brings us to something else I haven’t blogged about.  I did find another OB, but he can’t do a VBAC after 4 sections.  Neither can the birth centers.  So, we are planning a home birth!  My midwife has delivered many VBACs, her first one was with a mama who’d had four previous c-sections as well.

Besides gestational age, another concern is the baby’s presentation.  So far, he’s been head down most of the time, since Christmas!  That’s very encouraging.

I’ve been reading like carazy and I’ll post a book list.  I feel like the more I know the more confident that this IS something I can do!!  When you’ve not had the opportunity to give birth vaginally and you hear all kinds of horror stories and people think that c-sections are much ‘easier’ you aren’t quite sure what to expect.  And I guess that’s one thing I’ve leared in the last few weeks also- expect nothing!  It might be painful, it might be orgasmic.  It might be calm and peaceful or I might do a bit of yelling.  🙂  I might push in the bath, or in the bed, or on the toilet, or maybe squatting on the floor.  I may walk the wooded trails for hours or find myself glued to the pool.  I might even go outside and hang on the swing set!

I am very excited at the prospect of delivering in a comfortable home enviroment, have my baby with me at all times, and then go home WITHOUT surgical complications and WITHOUT a 4 day hospital stay and NICU.

I’d appreciate your prayers!

church update

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I have been emailed several times asking where we are going to church.  We left the church I mentioned in the previous post.  We were told that the children were distracting and the church was not nor would it ever be family integrated.  At the time they had no children’s church so we really didn’t have much in the way of options.  We left after much prayer and tears.  That was really difficult for us and we still talk about it.

We have returned to the church 85 miles away.  Driving 170 miles is really difficult with four (soon to be five) little ones so we go a couple times a month and the rest of the time we have home church.  Since Paul felt a calling to start a church localy, having family worship gives him some practice.  heh  🙂

We  love this church and wish it weren’t so far away.  We have known the pastor and his wife for years (since we were newly weds and pregnant with our first child!) I really don’t know ultimately what God has in store for us, but it’s exciting to see it.  Sometimes it’s pretty painful, too.  We have lost friends at other churches.  For some reason when you realize the church isn’t a good fit for your family, they take it too personally and no longer want to continue a relationship.

I long for the day when the body of Christ isn’t so segregated.  But for now I recognize the need for it.  We all have different beliefs, family values, ect.  One size just doesn’t fit all.