update on church search

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I had mentioned in October of last year that we visited a small FIC church.  Well, we ended up joining a large baptist FIC and attended for a good while, helping them to become more family integrated.  But we had some problems with things the pastor taught and our primary purpose for going there was for Paul to learn about pastoring a church, which wasn’t really happening.  And when the only other married, homeschooling lady there (the church is mostly elderly folks) told me that God told her that I should have a tubal ligation, that pretty much sealed the deal and we left.  We are back at that small FIC I mentioned.  The people are friendly and generally seem in line with our values.  The men in the church are very emotional, which is a refreshing change from some of the staunchness and ungratefulness (to Grace) we have experienced in the free will churches we have been attending.  They do believe in election, which I am certain has a great deal to do with the tender and broken attitude, but I think the fact that most of the congregation are new believers has even more to do with it.

We are grateful to be there and although we don’t know how long God may have us there we always bloom where we are planted and I’m seeking as to how God wants me to serve the Church.

in silence we cry

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part 1, by Sarah Trost

in silence we cry
and you do not hear

in silence we die
and you do not care

when is it called life, this life that I live?
When my heart beats?  When I can breathe the air that you breathe?
I’m alive NOW, why won’t you believe?

you may say that you care
that I am dying here

you may fain interest
and even shed a tear

update on Baby Joy

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The last post I wrote about her was about her continuing illnesses following vaccinations.  She had been ill after her 2 and 4 month vaccines but the 4 month ones affected her more severely.  So I had them give her only half of the vaccines for six months and she was so seriously ill I wondered if she should go to the hospital.  She saw four doctors who all said it was normal that she had been sick for so many months, including weird symptoms they couldn’t explain such as boils in the throat.  When it finally ran through her system I did not return for more vaccines and she has been relatively healthy ever since!  But finding a new pediatrician has proven difficult given that they insist that all patients be caught up to date on their vaccines.  I found two pediatricians that said that since the baby got the MOST IMPORTANT vaccines they would be OK with waiting till she’s two to give her the rest, but the new baby would have to get the “required” vaccines.

A friend had a recomendation of a family practitioner who I plan to speak with before the new baby is born, I was just waiting on our new insurance to be finalized so I know which plan I have.

This has been a very difficult year- my aunt died suddenly, a friend died suddenly, we were in the accident, Hurrican Ike, the pregnancy and possible loss of a twin, illnesses with the baby, difficulty in finding a pediatrician and OBGYN, and change in insurance.  But I know that God is faithful and I am holding onto my faith in Him!!

a new baby!

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This is our first truly QF baby.  We had been using NFP but I was still nursing and my fertility signs were very inconsistent.  After two months of abstaining to avoid conception (which is not only unbiblical but unhealthy for a marriage) we came together the way the Creator of the Great Romance meant for husband and wife, and I concieved the very next day!  So during that pregnancy (2006/2007) we really began searching the Scriptures and although we had never heard of the Quiverfull movement, were moved that we were to trust God’s soveriegnty in all things, including childbirth, and that we should give our fertility (at the time, 4 children in 4 1/2 years was certainly fertile!) over to God.  We should ask Him to control EVERY area of our lives, and who better to trust with our family then the Lord?

In my research I stumbled upon a pagan website bashing a group called Quiverfull.  I went to the site and did some other searching (the Internet is such a marvelous invention.)  I was so excited to know that not only did other people feel the same way we did, there was actually a movement!  God is working mightily in His people.

So, this, our fifth, was our first baby concieved without any concern wither I would get pregnant.  It was so liberating to TRUST GOD!  Like with #2,3,4 I knew I was pregnant before I cold even take a test.  Paul suggested I not take a test and just wait and when I feel the baby move I’ll know I’m pregnant.  LOL  Well, given that I am now 17 weeks and still haven’t felt distinct movements I’m really glad I didn’t take his advice.

I was sicker in this pregnancy then I was with the others and noticed my uterus growing faster then normal.  I wondered if I was having twins.  My 5 YO started talking about twins.  So when I had my U/S at 6 weeks and the tech said it looked like twins, I wasn’t surprised!  But then she said she couldn’t find the other baby (just a sac.)  A 10 week ultrasound again revealed only one baby.  I have another scheduled next week so we’ll see.  I’ll upload ultrasound pics next week.

Blessings to all.


new book

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I can’t wait to read this!  It’s called Family Unplanning.  For information on how you might win the book, check out this blog.    For further information on the book, look at this website. Feel free to pass along the info!!



PS- I know updates have been a long time coming but I was having trouble editing my page until today!

To Vote or Not TO Vote

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I hate the phrase to vote for the lesser of two evils. I despise it. I don’t want to vote for ANY evil. I don’t care if it’s the ‘responsible’ thing to do. So call me irresponsible- but to vote for someone you STRONGLY do not agree with (and if you haven’t thoroughly researched it you can’t possibly know) because he is the ‘lesser of two evils.’

For those of you who do this, you repulse me. Stand by your convictions. Your vote or lack there of WILL NOT PUT SOMEONE ELSE IN OFFICE as what is meant to be will be. Vote your convictions. Maybe if more people voted their convictions this world would be a different place. Most people I have talked to say they don’t like either Obama or Mccain but will vote for one of them because to do otherwise would throw their vote to the ‘wrong’ candidate.


OK, so I know that the electoral college is a key part of this issue but if their vote is all that matters, VOTE YOU CONVICTIONS. Come on. Do it for yourself. Do it for you country. And in the end, what will be will be. You can’t change the outcome, all you can change is your own actions.

This post might incite some flaming but so be it, because I say and do as I am convicted, not based on what others think!