song of an unborn child

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great illusion

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I saw this couple on Oprah and so enjoyed them! They were on another show and here is a video clip from it (they have improved since then.)

malediction: a curse

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Interesting blog on abortion from which I copied the words of Kemper Crabb’s anti-abortion song from a band called Atomic Opera:

Lyrics: Kemper Crabb
Music: Kemper Crabb & Frank Hart

The judges sat outside the Law
And in their pride no evil saw
In setting teeth to Satan’s jaw
And feeding him our children.
When viewed in terms of cost and ease
An unborn child is a disease
A holocaust seen fit to please
Our own convience.
A curse A curse the Law it cries.
A curse a curse on mankind’s pride.
A curse on him who would deny
God’s image in mankind.
Torn from out their mother’s womb
Denied the sky – denied a tomb
Conceived in lust to their own ruin
A sacrifice to pleasure.
The doctors with their blood red hands
Who love their money more than man,
With greed their god they lay their plans
The butchers of mankind.
A curse a curse the blood cries out
A curse a curse the heavens shout
A curse a curse on he who flouts
God’s image in mankind.
O rid us of this evil, Lord
And turn our hearts by cross or Sword.
Our nation cannot long afford
To live beneath your judgements.
A curse a curse upon their heads
O save them Lord or slay them dead
And fill our country with your Dread
And turn away Your anger.

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“We have to test everything,” writes Bell. “Do that to this book. Don’t swallow it uncritically. Think about it. Wrestle with it. Just because I’m a Christian and I’m trying to articulate a Christian worldview doesn’t mean I’ve got it nailed. I’m contributing to the discussion. God has spoken, and the rest is commentary, right?”

Wow- I have never read a quote like that. This was from a review of Velvet Elvis, a book about what ‘it really means to be a Christian.’

Upon further research some claim this author is of the emergent church group of leaders.  Still, you have to be impressed with anyone who suggests that what he says isn’t necessarily right.

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I’m alarmed at how many Christians are actually defending The Golden Compass. It’s worse then Harry Potter. They even have on the official website a questionnaire to discover what your ‘doemon’ is. Yes, that is a British spelling of demon. In the story people have a kind of spirit guide/their spirit that walks around outside the body in the form of an animal. This is called a daemon.

I have read Christians online who say that the email rumors are not true, yet (a secular internet rumor/urban myths dispeller website) says that they are.

Supposedly, the author wants to ‘kill God in the minds of children’ and that in one of the books in the series Adam and Eve do actually kill God, also called Yaweh.

I know one movie I WON’T be seeing…


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Ever since Baby Joy had her six month shots she’s been sick. She was sick following her four month shots, but she did recover. This time she had the flu shot as well, but I only let them give half of the other vaccines and said I would return in a month for the other half of the flu shot and the rest of the vaccinations.

Well, she got very sick that night and was sick for at least 72 hours (as opposed to the usual 24-48.) She was OK for one day and then got sick again (another set of symptoms.) I took her to the DR when she didn’t get better and they said she had the flu. They denied it was caused by the vaccine. A few days later she broke out in a rash all over her body. They started blistering. It was Saturday now so I didn’t take her to the DR, but by Monday she was better. She had two days of wellness, then got sick again. I did take her to the DR who again said it had nothing to do with the shots and sent us home (but tried to convince me to give the other half the flu shot and the rest of the missing vaccines even though she was sick!)

Now she has a virus- fever for four days and hasn’t slept. yesterday she was up 12 hours even though she had a poor night’s sleep previously. And I am so exhausted and sore and just want to sleep! Of course I refused that second series of shots and am finding a new pediatrician. That one is too far and too expensive and doesn’t have hospital privileges anyway. My plan is to not give her the vaccines anymore until perhaps two years old. That’s not going to go over too well I’m afraid.

so, what does this make me?

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I don’t put my hand over my heart OR say the national anthem…people sure can be judgemental.

my appliances don’t like me

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It started with the vacuum. It wasn’t doing so well, and most of the time didn’t pick up much at all. So I got my mother in law’s. She said it worked great. We used it once- worked just fine. The second time it didn’t work, DH ordered bags online for it. He replaced the bag and, uh, it still doesn’t work.

Then my toaster burned the toast. It doesn’t pop up.

The chord to my rice cooker doesn’t fit anymore. It’s a $100 rice cooker. I don’t know why the chord doesn’t make a good connection. I can buy a new chord for $25 but there’s no guarantee it’s the chord rather then the connection…

I washed my electric skillet yesterday but took the chord out and now I can’t find it. The chord to my electric Wok is gone too.

I tried to make babyfood and my blender started smoking. I bought a new one today that has a food processor attachment.

DH kept complaining about the dust on the fan and I kept complaining that I had no way to clean it (the vaccum is broken and I have no ladder.) So, I finally stood on a chair and pulled the blades toward me to clean them. The fan is sparkling, but the blades don’t turn. My Dad, master of all things mechanical, said I have to buy a new one.

My computer keeps shutting down. I thought it was a virus, but my husband tells me it’s not, that I really need a new computer.

The CD player in the bathrrom won’t play Cds any more and when I tried to play a CD in the van the player spit it back at me. I put a DVD in it and that wouldn’t play either. DH looked at it yesterday and said he doesn’t think it can be easily repaired, we need a new one.

Oh, and I almost forgot, my Sony digital camera doesn’t work either. You can look at the pictures but when you try to take a photo it shuts down.

I don’t know if this is just one of those patterns, or if the Lord’s telling me I don’t need all this junk. Still, it would be awfully nice to have photos of my children (I have no photos of the baby since she was three months or so) and to have a cooler house via our fans (I’m sweating and it’s 10 at night!)

I pray that your guardian angel protects you and your family, and all those appliances within!

very interesting

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I have debated to myself personally the ethics of wearing a wig AS a headcovering. In other words, my head is covered so I am following 1 Cor 11 and my hair is covered, thus I am being modest as only my husband sees my hair. I have a few problems with this. So, I looked it up on google and found this.

Apparently I’m not the only one questioning. And beyond that, some of the hair was harvested during Hindi temple rituals. Even the Jews would have to question that one (and they did!)

The Rabbinical council ruled the Indian made wigs are banned. Many women began covering in snoods and running to stores to buy synthetic wigs while burning those made in India. Some held onto the banned wigs “You have to hope whatever you have is good, otherwise you put a thousand dollars in the garbage,” said a woman named Mindy, who declined to give her last name for fear of what her father-in-law would think.

The issue had come up several years ago, said Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, a leading authority on Jewish law for the Orthodox Union in the United States, but was resolved without a ban. He said it appeared that practices in the Hindu temples where the hair of Indian women is cut might have changed, prompting the new ruling…One of the difficulties, he said, was discerning just what the Hindu hair-cutters had in their minds when they made their offerings, because that had a bearing on whether their acts were idolatrous.”

Ah, so it was OK then but wrong now just because of the changed ritual? I doubt it could have changed that much. And why in the world would the woman’s thoughts have anything to do with it? Sounds to me like he’s trying to justify sin. Or perhaps he profits from the wig business. Or he has a wife who likes her wigs and he likes his money and doesn’t want to part with thousands more dollars for new wigs.

“Mrs. Klein, 48, was picking out a new snood. She said she wanted to hear more from the rabbis before going back to her wigs. “I will be back in a wig once I know what the rulings are,” she said. Fortunately, she said, she did not have to go to Manhattan yesterday wearing the headgear.

“I would look funny,” she said. “One of the goals of modesty is to blend. When you wear a snood on the subway, you never blend.”

On a blog I read it was explained that Jewish women feel pressured to make their hair conform to the Disneyish beauty of society.

Now it comes down to the real reason- one of the big reasons I’m against the wigs in the first place. Vanity vanity all is vanity.