healing and empowerment

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Back in November I was suffering the loss of my much desired set of twins. I discovered that for me, pregnancy and birth brought the words death, pain, tears, empty arms, grief, as I posted here.

Well, I am very pleased to say that is no longer the case! There has definitely been a lot of healing in my heart since then.

A woman does not need a beautiful waterbirth to feel empowered, nor a VBAC to find healing from the trauma of her previous deliveries.

Empowerment comes from knowing her options, and making those choices with confidence that it is the best decision at the time. Essentially,
empowerment is taking ownership of ones actions.

Healing comes from inward reflection, mentally and emotionally walking through the fire of confusion and fear and finding clarity. She recognizes that no matter what alternative choices she could have made in the past, she embraces the future with hope that things could be different for herself and others.

My beautiful dream

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I had such a beautiful dream the other night. I was in a home I was
unfamiliar with and with people I don’t actually know. There was a very
pregnant mother and her little girl and her husband and father. Someone
was there with me though I can’t remember who she was. The family were
in a bedroom and I was preparing a snack for them. The woman with me
was concerned that the father was in the room and suggested I tell him
to leave. So I went into the bedroom and saw him kneeling next to the
beautiful laboring woman with perspiration on her forehead as she lay in
a bed with her husband by her side. I told her father that I left
something in the kitchen and asked him to get it for me. When he left I
asked her if she wanted her father to stay out of the bedroom and tears
filled her eyes.

She said that it so blessed her that he remained knelt at her bedside
praying for her and the baby while she labored and that she definitely
wanted him to stay! When he returned I told them I would be in the
living room, holler if they need me. I explained to my (assistant?)
that he was offering emotional and spiritual support to his daughter
which was worth all the hympnobirthing and epidurals in the world and to
leave them alone.

Later it sounded like the baby was coming so I went and stood at the
door listening and waiting. The little girl made some exclamations. A
little while later I heard the baby! Still, I waited until I was
wanted. The baby’s father opened the door and put in my arms a precious
baby bundled up in a blanket, so fresh and new and wet. She looked at
me with wide, dark eyes. It was a wonderful moment, and I woke.